About us

Our company, which was established in 1996 under the name of “ENKA Tarım Hayvancılık ve İnşaat Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi”, focused on the production of pulsator (brain as it is called in the folk name) in its first years and reached the first position in the sector in this field. Later on, it started to produce other spare parts of milking machines within its own structure. While continuing to manufacture milking machines and spare parts successfully, it has also been able to manufacture spare parts used in milking systems and establish the milking systems needed by medium and large-scale farms.

Enka Tarım; It has reached a certain place in the country and abroad in the production and sale of milking machines, milking systems and their spare parts. This was thanks to the domestic and international exhibitions we participated in. Our company, which has participated in Agriculture and Livestock Exhibitons many times since 2006, trades with companies from abroad. Milkplan, Wedholms, Eurotanks, Polanes, Pomelac, Kerbl, Heiniger, Reciprof, Waikato, Spaggiari are among these companies.

Our company, which has a sales office in İzmir Gıda Çarşısı, carries out its production in 3 factory buildings on approximately 10000 m² in ITOB Organized Industrial Zone in the Menderes district of İzmir. It consists of weld department, paint department, warehouse-packaging-shipping department, machine assembly department, electrical department, machining department, stainless manufacturing department and accounting-financing departments. 

Sütal Tarım and MG Süt, which are our group companies; exports agricultural and livestock machinery. Other our company MG Polimer is exporting and importing plastic raw materials.

Finally, in 2017, Eurotanks Tarım Üretim AŞ. Our company, which was established under the name of, started to manufacture milk cooling tanks in our third factory building. We manufacture open type vertical milk cooling tanks between 100 and 2000 liters capacity, which are needed by small and medium-sized enterprises.

The product groups that we actively produce and sell as follows: Milking machines and spare parts, milking systems and spare parts, milk cooling tanks, milk processing machines (churning machines, cream separators, food preparation and distribution machines) feed preparation machines (feed breakers, feed crushers, feed mixers, grass shredders), electric fence systems, clippers, food supplements, farm and livestock equipments. (cattle breeding, calf breeding, poultry equipment, scales, farm cleaning equipment, veterinary equipment, pest control equipment and farm ventilation fans)

Our company, which has completed its 25th year in the sector as of 2021 has more than 300 plastic injection and blow molds, more than 150 rubber and silicone molds. Our products are tested with high quality measuring devices that are regularly calibrated and offered to our valued customers. As a company that cares about customer satisfaction, it has been determined as the most important target for us to serve our customers for many years in the sector with the products we produce and sell.

 The fact that ENKA is a well-known brand and its products are actively sold in more than 50 countries on different continents is also a very important achievement for our country. Our company, which makes production in accordance with international standards by closely following the development of technologies based on agriculture and animal husbandry in the world, is based on one-to-one customer satisfaction and is always next to the producer and at the service of animal husbandry.

We attach importance to after-sales service, customer satisfaction and being accessible at all times, rather than just selling and marketing our products. We are different with our economical, quality spare parts and guaranteed services and we continue to be different. We are capable of supporting the milking systems we have installed, the milking machines we have produced, and in short, all of our products that we have sold.

 Enka Tarım; With its young, dynamic and expert staff, it has become an institution that produces economic solutions and provides the best service by meeting the needs of the sector on time and by giving importance to investments in the field of R & D with new projects that closely follow all the innovations in the sector it serves.