About us

Our company was established in Kemalpaşa district of İzmir in 1996 to produce dairy milking machine which is one of the most important fields of agriculture and animal husbandry equipment sector. In the years it was founded, it made regional franchises of various brands before manufacturing and created sub-dealerships in Aegean region, Turkey.

At the beginning of the 2000’s, important parts of milking machines and related systems were being imported, or their equivalents were being offered to the market at high prices. This slowed down the process of mechanization by our producers and limited the production of fast, quality milk.

The most important part of the milking machine and the “pulsator” known as the “brain” among the public, we made plastic injection molds and our own production product was put on the market in 1999. In the toughest conditions, we started to produce the most important part of the system that we made purchasing in our own factory, and it was only the beginning of these important developments. The production of the pulsator was followed by the manufacture of claws, regulators, bucket lids and gasket, pulsmatic, vacuum tank lid and gasket molds respectively. We now have the opportunity to present the milking machine parts we produce using our own molds in our own factory to the best quality and most appropriate customers independently.

Since 2005, we have been continuously participating in many important agricultural and livestock fairs organized in Turkey and abroad and today we contribute our country’s economy by exporting our machines and many spare parts we produce to more than 50 countries.

In 2006, we started to expand our production in the first factory in the ITOB Organized Industrial Zone in the province of Menderes, Izmir. In the following years, we opened our second and third factories to service. In addition to producing a total of 3 units and 10.000 m2 closed area, we have provided many products and equipments that our producers need from the best brands and offered them for the use of our farmers.

As of year 2018, our company, which has completed the 22nd year in its sector, has more than 200 plastic injection and blow molding molds, more than 150 rubber and silicone molds. Our products are tested with regular high quality measurement and control devices and are presented to our valued customers. As a company that cares about customer satisfaction, we have determined to serve our customers for many years in our sector which we produce products as our most important target.

End of 2018, ENKA milking machines works in more than 50 countries and it is a very important success of our company being a recognized brand of ENKA Tarım in these countries.

ENKA Tarim has become an institution that provides economic solutions and provides the best services by meeting the needs of the sector in time and on time by attaching importance to investments in the field of R&D with new projects that closely follow all the innovations in the sector with its young, dynamic and expert staff in the field.

Our company, which closely follows the development of the technologies based on agriculture and animal husbandry in the world and produces in conformity with international standards, is based on individual customer satisfaction, always beside the manufacturer and in the service of animal husbandry.