We are here to support you in the production, sales, and after-sales support of milk pumping machines, milk harvesting systems, farm machinery, farm equipment, and milk cooling tanks.

Our company, initially established in 1996 as “ENKA Tarım Hayvancılık ve İnşaat Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi,” initially focused on the production of pulsators (commonly known as “brain” in Turkish) and quickly became a pioneer in this field. Later on, we expanded our production to include other spare parts for milk pumping machines. While successfully continuing the manufacturing of milking machines and spare parts, we also started producing the spare parts used in milking systems. This enabled us to install milking systems for medium and large-scale farms, fulfilling their needs in this area.

Enka Tarım has gained a significant position in the production and sales of milking machines, milking systems and their spare parts both domestically and internationally. This has been possible through our participation in domestic and international fairs.

Since 2006, our company has participated in numerous agriculture and livestock fairs and has been engaged in business with companies from abroad. Among these companies are Milkplan, Wedholms, Eurotanks, Polanes, Pomelac, Kerbl, Heiniger, Reciprof, Waikato, and Spaggiari.

Our company has a sales office located in Izmir Gıda Çarşı and our production takes place in the İzmir Menderes İTOB Organized Industrial Zone, spread across approximately 10,000 sq meters in three factory buildings. Our facilities include a iron and a paint workshop, a storage and a machinery assembly department, an electrical and machining department, a stainless steel manufacturing department, as well as accounting and finance departments.

Sütal Tarım and MG Süt, which are part of our group of companies, are engaged in the export of agricultural and livestock machinery. MG Polimer is involved in the export and import of plastic raw materials. Lastly in 2017, our company established Eurotanks Tarım Üretim AŞ, and we started manufacturing milk cooling tanks in our third factory building. We specialize in the production of open-type vertical milk cooling tanks with capacities ranging from 100 to 2000 liters, catering to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Models Offers

The product groups that we actively produce and sell are as follows:

  • Milking machines and its spare parts
  • Milking systems and its spare parts
  • Milk cooling tanks
  • Milk processing machines: cream seperators, butter churns, feed preparation and milkfilling machines
  • Feed preparation machines: feed breaker, feed crusher, grass shredder and feed mixer machines
  • Electric fence systems
  • Shearing machines
  • Food supplements
  • Farm and animal livestock equipments

Cattle breeding, calf breeding, poultry equipment, scales, farm cleaning equipment, veterinary equipment, pest control equipment and farm fans

As of 2023, our company, celebrating its 27th year in the industry, has more than 300 plastic injection and blow molds and over 150 rubber and silicone molds in-house. Our products undergo regular calibration and are tested with high-quality measuring devices to ensure consistent quality before being presented to our valued customers. As a customer-oriented company, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and our goal is to serve our customers in the industry for many years with the products we produce and sell.

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We prioritize not only sales and marketing but also after-sales service, customer satisfaction, and being accessible at all times when it comes to our products.

We differentiate ourselves and continue to differentiate ourselves with economical, high-quality spare parts and guaranteed services. We have the capability to provide support for the milking systems we have installed, the milking machines we have manufactured, and, in short, all the products we have sold, offering assistance 24/7.

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Enka Tarım has become an institution that provides economic solutions, delivers the best service, and meets the needs of the industry in a timely manner by closely following all innovations in the sector and investing in R&D with its young, dynamic, and expert team.

ENKA Tarım being a recognized brand and actively selling its products in more than 50 countries across different continents is a significant achievement for our country as well. Our company follows closely the development of agricultural and livestock-based technologies worldwide and manufactures products that comply with international standards. We prioritize customer satisfaction, being by the side of the producers and serving the livestock industry directly.

Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Israel, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Tunisia, Mali, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, United States, Canada, and more…

For all your needs in the dairy industry, we provide every solution you require.

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