Automatic cattle brush

One of the most basic needs of cows is itching. It also prevents the formation of bacteria on the skin of the animal by cleaning the feces attached to the hair of the cow with parasites such as lice and ticks on the cows in manual grooming process or with automatic brushes. In this way, the animal relaxes and the blood circulation in its skin is accelerated. Thus, the milk and meat productivity of the cow increases.

The automatic brush is extremely easy to install. It can be wall or pipe mounted.

The automatic brush, which can work easily under difficult conditions, works automatically when the animal touches it and stops automatically after the animal moves away. If the tail of the animal gets wrapped around the automatic brush, thanks to the sensor used, the brush stops and rotates in the opposite direction and releases the tail.

The automatic brush can be delivered with two different brush sizes. These are straight and imported curved brushes. The flat brush is 44×87 cm, the curved brush is 50x100cm, and their weight is about 80 kg.

Working with 220V 50Hz electricity, the motor has a power of 0.18 kW – 0.25 Hp and is reduced from 1400 rpm to 30 revolutions per minute by means of a reducer.

The section where the automatic brush is attached and the motor and reducer are located, are designed to rotate in all directions in order to move according to the shape of the animal body.

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