5224 lt closed type horizontal milk cooling tank, threephase


Cooling unit: These series models are available in versions of 2, 4 or 6 milkings and can be equipped with 1, 2 or 4 cooling units providing strong cooling and reliability. For models up to 5,000lt it is possible to install the cooling unit on the tank. They are available with Tecumseh, Maneurop and Copeland compressors. For their protection and better performance, the circuit is  equipped with: a solenoid valve, separate pressure switches to control high and low pressure of the cooling circuit, a pressure switch to control the second fan, a filter, a receiver bottle for the

freon, a safety valve on the receiver, an expansion valve of appropriate power, separate thermomagnetic switches installed on the power circuit for each compressor and a voltage controller.

Insulation: All models are made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 and are optimally insulated with polyurethane foam  insuring that a few minutes operation of the cooling unit is sufficient to preserve the pre-cooled milk.

Stainless steel external pressure equalizer: The stainless steel filter of the tanks prevents air entrapment inside the tank during its filling and facilitates drainage. Depending on the size of the tank, there can be up to three filters that can be easily removed.

Measuring dipstick: All Enka closed type milk cooling tank models are equipped with a stainless steel measuring dipstick and a conversion table in liters for easy calculation of the quantity of milk.

Agitation motor: The Enka closed type milk cooling tanks are equipped with powerful motors set to 21-25 rpm and placed on an elevated base to ensure easy cleaning. Tanks from 8,000 to

20,000 l have two or three motors for better agitation of the quantity of milk.

Manhole: The stainless steel manhole of the tanks provides superior sealing without the use of a flange. It is of a Ø 400 mm diameter for models up to 3,000 l and Ø 500 mm for models up to 4,000 l. It is fully rotatable and its smart design allows it to be held in the open position.

Ladder: All models over 1,500 l have a stainless steel ladder with anti-slip steps for the inspection of the milk content through the manhole at the top of the tank.

Milk inlet: The Enka closed type milk cooling tanks have 1 or 2 milk inlets of Ø 76 mm diameter. They are sealed with a stainless steel cap for the protection of the content of the tank.

Milk outlet: For models up to 6,000 l, a stainless steel butterfly valve, DN50 type, is used for milk outlet. For larger models, valve DN80 type is used. In all cases, adaptation to specific needs

is possible.

Temperature sensor: The position of the temperature sensor has been carefully selected so that it is easily replaced in case of failure.

Stainless steel adjustable legs: The Enka closed type milk cooling tanks have 4 to 12 support legs, depending on the model, all height adjustable, for proper alignment even on uneven floors.

Self-cleaning valve (optional): A self-cleaning valve can optionally be installed to assist the use of the tanks’ washing system.

Electronic measuring system (optional): A high-precision electronic measuring system with the use of a sensor- float can be installed for a reliable control of the quantity of milk inside the tank. The panel of the system has a large easy-to-read 5-digit display indicating the quantity of milk in kilograms or liters.