800 l open type milk cooling tank, 2 milkings, threephase


These are durable and useful tanks that we offer you to cool large amounts of milk quickly, economically, efficiently and regularly.

Milk cooling tanks made of stainless steel are robust, durable and efficient products combined with laser welding. Thanks to the agitator motor rotating at optimum speed, the milk in the tank cools evenly and without icing.

Available in capacities from 150 liters to 2000 liters, milk cooling tanks are the most economical choice for industrial use.

General features

  • The material used in the mechanical parts of the milk cooling tank (including the body and adjustable legs) is AISI 304 quality stainless steel.L
  • Laser welded evaporator (rollbond) located at the bottom of the tank is produced from 2mm.
  • Outer wall thickness is 0.8 mm and inner wall thickness is produced as 1.2 mm.
  • Agitator motor 30 rpm, Sirem brand of French origin, is mounted on the tank.
  • Insulation foam will consist of 65% isocyanate and 35% polyol (ester-based) foam, and the side insulation interval is at least 50 mm, and the lower insulation interval is at least 100 mm.
  • It is designed in such a way that no liquid remains in the milk cooling tank during discharging. There is a DN50 butterfly valve at the outlet of the product.
  • There are no corners on any surface of the tank, the junction points are argon (TIG) welded in an oval shape, and it has a flawless and smooth surface appearance with the cleaning and polishing processes to be performed afterwards.
  • The agitator motor does not cause any change in the structure of the milk and runs for about 2 minutes every 15 minutes to prevent the milk from freezing.
  • R404A is used as the cooling gas.
  • Cooling class is 2BII.
  • At +38 C ambient temperature, it is designed to reduce the temperature of the milk to +36 C to +4 ’C within a maximum of 3 hours.
  • The compressor is protected from low or high voltage thanks to the voltage protection relay installed in the electrical panel.
  • Thanks to the Dixell brand digital thermometer, the milk temperature can be read easily.

Cooling unit

Precise calculation of the cooling capacity of each tank ensures that the milk is cooled at the right time according to the milk producer’s needs. Our tank models are available in 2 or 4 milking versions for normal or high ambient temperatures (tropical and supertropical) and are available with imported compressors depending on the customer’s needs. All refrigeration units work with environmentally friendly gas R404A.


The tanks are equipped with a direct expansion evaporator welded with state-of-the-art laser technology and has the proper inclination to ensure the bottom is completely emptied. The mounting of the evaporator in the tank, its design, proper material selection and direct distribution of the heat of the milk, prevents the formation of icing, minimizes energy loss and ensures that there is no coolant leakage.

Thermal insulation

Tank insulation with environmentally friendly two-component polyurethane foam ensures that the milk is kept at the desired temperature and minimum energy consumption.


To measure the milk level and calculate the amount of milk in the tank, all tank models are equipped with a stainless steel measuring rod and a conversion chart in liters.

Easy cleaning

Thanks to the cover that can be opened fully upwards, the tank can be cleaned easily.

Electrical panel

The electrical control panel for cooling and mixing milk has an easy-to-read 3-digit display that makes the cooling tank easy to operate at the touch of a button. It is based on the Dixell electronic controller suitable for milk cooling systems and is equipped with an IP68 sealed temperature sensor (NTC) up to 110 ° C. The panel is IP55 certified and the electronic circuits are protected against water or water vapor ingress.

Perforated cover plate of the cooling unit

The stainless steel protective perforated cover ensures that small animals enter the cooling unit of the tank and dirt runs smoothly. Its easy removal provides direct access to the cooling unit for maintenance and repair.

Cover springs

The springs mounted on the back of the cover are designed to allow the cover to be fully opened and to prevent it from falling suddenly when it is open. (1 to 4 depending on the model)

Milk output

Milk cooling tanks are equipped with a DN50 stainless steel butterfly valve.

Agitator motor

Milk cooling tanks are equipped with agitator motors manufactured by the French company Sirem, rotating at 30 rpm to prevent milk icing. The motors are set to stop automatically when the tank cover is lifted.

Adjustable support legs

All tank models have adjustable support legs so that absolute leveling can be achieved even on uneven floors, which is a prerequisite for accurate measurement of milk.

Delivery is made within approx. 1 week from order confirmation and payment.