520 lt open type, vertical milk cooling tanks


The solution we offer to you in order to cool large quantities of milk quickly, economically, efficiently and regularly is the durable and useful tanks which have their own cooling system in which you can cool the higher quantity of milk.

Milk cooling tanks made of stainless steel are sturdy, durable and efficient products combined with laser welding. Thanks

to the special mixers and the rotating paddles of this mixer at the optimal speed, the milk in the milk tank cools down equally.

Available in capacities from 150 liters to 2000 liters, milk cooling tanks are the most economical choice for industrial use.


  • Cylindrical tank made of two chromo-nickel stainless steel sheets AISI 304
  • Thermal insulation in form of high density polyurethane foam (46kg/m3) effectively protecting against increasing of chilled milk temperature
  • Double bottom (evaporator) of each milk cooling tank is laser welded what assures durability, safety and the highest efficiency of cooling
  • Filling by milk provided through convenient inlet of 200 mm diameter (also equipped in cover) outlet of milk according to standards DN 50 Legs made of stainless steel with regulation of theirs height
  • High accuracy of measurement of milk capacity thanks by using of dipstick and measurment table

Condensing units

  • Direct cooling of milk
  • Hermetic compressor working with R404A refrigerator
  • Condenser cooled by air ventilation
  • Economical and fluent cooling

Gentle mixing

  • Thanks to specially profiled mixer and suitable speed of its turns milk regardless of flood capacity tank is always equally mixed
  • Self greasing mechanisms of transmission assure a long and self-service vitality

Steering and control

  • Module control box that make possible among others: adjusting of cooling temperature, delay of launching of condensing unit, setting of agitation cycle mode, automatic lub manual switching on of agitator, system of alarms, recording of the last cycle dates, illuminated, LCD display of temperature, special switch off ensures a safety service of the tank (opening of lid) even during work of agitator


For special customer order each milk cooling tank can be additionally equipped in:

  • Butterfly valve, heat recovery system with container for warm water, anti-lime filter