Bucket to bucket milking machine with three stainless steel buckets and four milking units with drippy oily pump


Technical Specifications
Dimensions60 x 220 x 200 cm
Weight133 kg (~)
Bucket Features
Bucket typeStainless steel, aluminium
Bucket piece3
Bucket capacity40 l
Cluster Features
Claw250 ccm (std), 160, 175, 200, 340 ccm (opt)
Cluster weight2.2 kg (~)
Milk hose300 cm x (Ø 14 x 24 mm)
Twin hose300 cm x (Ø 7 x 14 mm)
Milking Features
Milking time5 - 6 min/animal (~)
Milking capacity40 - 44 animal/hour (~)
Electric Motor Features
Motor power1.1 kW (std), 1.5 kW (opt)
Rotation1400 rpm
Voltage220V 50Hz (std), 110V 60Hz (opt)
Vacuum Pump Features
Vacuum capacity220 - 230 l/min (with 0.55 electric motor)
Vane typeFibre (oily)
Vane dimensions85 x 55 x 6 mm
All chassis and vacuum tank can be painted according your request colours or plated by hot dipper galvanized in bulk orders. All spare parts (liners, teat cup shells, hoses and claws) can be changed according to your request. The products on this page may contain optional equipment, accessories and customized parts.