Pipe line milking system

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Bucket to bucket pipe line milking system

There are milk line, vacuum line where this system is located. Milk that milked via cluster is carried to the bucket where outside of the parlor. So that the milk is carried from the bucket to the bucket.The farmer does not need to carry the milk. It’s suitable for the farmers who has 200 – 250 L milk per day.

Milking to bucket pipe line milking system

Vacuum pipe is installed behind the cows. The collected milk that comes from cow is carried to the cooling tank by hands. This system includes vacuum pump unit, servo regulator, vacuum pipe and bucket units. The system preferred by farmers because of it is simple and low-cost system.

Milking to tank pipe line milking system

This system includes all parts from a normal milking parlor without the metal construction. Milk passes via milkpipe from receiving jar, then milk transfers to to the cooling tank directly with transfer pump.

The contents of the set; electronic or mechanic pulsator, pulsator holder, cluster , wash holder for pipe montage,mastitis dedector, milk and vacuum hoses. An optional milk meter can also be ordered.