Masdisin Herbafilm 20lt

  • It forms a protective layer on the teat.
  • It is based on Japanese mint.


Masdisin Herbafilm; is a teat disinfectant that is used after milking and forms a flexible thick barrier film that can be peeled from the nipple. It lasts until the next right wing because of the film that makes it persistent.

A wide spectrum disinfectant with a Japanese naiety essence. Bacteria are quickly neutralized. Provides protection against mechanical effects with film formed at the teat. It keeps the teat soft with the glycerin in it. It is applied without dilution after each milking. Do not allow the animal to lie down for 15 minutes after application.

It forms a natural protective barrier film at the teat. There is a skin protective effect that softens the nipple. Excellent wetting, high viscosity. PH value suitable for skin. It is a minimum drip and not a waste. It looks easy with green color. There is a natural fly effect. Ready-to-use solution.

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Weight 20 kg