Preventa teat hair remover with gas bottle connection

Preventa cleans the breasts with a flame of about 200 ° C, which we call a “cold” flame quickly and painlessly.

  • Preventa removes teat hair quickly and without causing pain by a “cool” flame (approx. 200 °C).
  • The bent torch allows ergonomic working in an upright position.
  • The well thought-out design of the device with its standby-lever guarantees a quick and safe use..
  • Eliminates pathogens like bacteria and viruses completely.
  • Helps to prevent mastitis and the Johne’s disease.
  • Improves the general teat hygiene, hairless teats are easier to clean.

Included items: 3 meter hose, gas box connector, angled wand

Additional information

Weight 2 kg