Galvanized cow head lock

An animal lock, made from 60 x 3 mm hot dip galvanized pipe, allows the animals to

be kept under control and standing while they are fed after being milked. It’s easy to

install. Each section is 750 mm wide and automatically locks when the animal enters

the compartment. The opening is designed for maximum cow comfort and efficiency.

The width of 750 mm can be increased or decreased. Simple and compact latch mechanism

requires no field adjustments, and is easy to operate.

They are sold in groups of 8. total length is 6 meters. It is fixed at the place.

In the ready-made farms, special measurements can be made in the specified dimensions

provided that inter-pole measurements are provided.


  • Cushioned stop for quiet and safe operation.
  • Lock on each yoke allows each animal to be retained or removed individually.
  • Spring-loaded neck bar for easy removal and adjustment.
  • Can be used as either bottom release or conventional use headlocks.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Round steel posts available for curb-mounting, or mounting on concrete bunks
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