Calf house (Calf house + metal construction + 3 pcs. bucket)

  • Easy clean.
  • Easy carry.

A 145 x 145 x 100 cm metal cage and 3 feeding bucket included to order.

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The calf houses are extremely reliable, high quality and long lasting and are produced with rotation and inflation machines using linear polyethylene raw material with UV additive.

The colors used in the calf houses are UV stabilizers and are not affected by sun rays, preventing the bacteria from recycling. In this respect, there is no fading in the color of the house, no

dirt, no rust, no odor and no moisture-forming moss formation.

Antistatic additives may be used in the calf houses in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Calf houses are attached and not riveted; they are produced as single piece monobloc. This increases the strength by ensuring that the product is smooth and elastic. It is produced in sizes

used as standard in agriculture and animal husbandry sector.

For the most accurate and efficient use, the ground on which the club is installed must be flat

and stable.

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 1450 × 1450 × 1000 mm